Showcasing the powerful impact of jazz on musicians around the world in a quarterly publication.

Editorial Design
6 Weeks,
May 2015

2 Beat Magazine

2-beat showcases the powerful influence of jazz on musicians across the globe. It is a publication concept that seeks to spread that influence and culture of jazz across diverse regions of the world, fulfilling the needs of jazz enthusiasts, upcoming musicians, composers, and record collectors. Acting as a definitive source for jazz culture trends, the quarterly issues will touch on the evolving and diversifying jazz scene with originality and independent opinion among today’s crossover appeal of all genres of music for the more discerning fan.

The final design included 2 feature articles, an interview, a table of contents, editor's letter, a colophon and two cover concepts. I printed and hand-bound two final versions at 9.5 x 10.25 inches.


The next step was to tailor to the next format for reading: tablet-based magazines. See the full Invision prototype.

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