In all of life, work, and play, my greatest belief is if we're decent to each other, care about more than just what directly affects us, and never turn down opportunities to stumble outside of our comfort zones, then everything will add up to a great life.

In the recent years since earning my BFA for Graphic Design in 2015, I’ve been sharpening my what ifs and WTFs while working closely with an engineering team at Dell EMC. The optimistic skeptic in me brings a well met challenge to our team every day to constantly better the digital experience of CloudIQ, an enterprise SaaS product.

I was first drawn to the field of graphic design out of my desire to craft beautiful things—things that made a statement about domains that I care deeply about. Aesthetics alone have never provoked me the way that a story has. Some of my most rewarding experiences have emerged from pursuing an idea or digging into a tale that's fired up my heart.

This is where I saw opportunity that goes beyond high quality design in the realm of User Experience. Diving into UX has opened up an unbounded degree of curiosity for me. I’ve become deeply motivated to create design systems with the power to thoughtfully tie ideas with true needs, and by doing so inclusively colliding people and technology.


Bethany CHappell