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Launching and evolving DellEMC's cloud-deployed data storage monitoring software.

Product Design, User Experience
July 2015-Current
Crafting an evocative sound installation as a part of an exhibition response to our travels in Japan.
Tadaima: I'm Home
Branding not only a band, but my experience as a listener.
Vinyl Set
Playing with motion graphics to visually and dynamically represent a music piece.
Lilies in the Vally
Educating millennials on paying back their student loans.
Loan Control
2024 Boston Olympic Bid
Establishing an identity system that begs the question: Why Boston?
Preparing recreational boaters for outings around their local waterways.
2-Beat Magazine
Showcasing the powerful impact of jazz on musicians around the world.
DMV Service Redesign
Creating a mock service pitch video to reimagine a service that's widely regarded as frustrating.